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Celekta Co., Ltd.

Celekta Co., Ltd.
icon New Plus Acrban: Antibacterial Dressings
icon NPR IV: Transparent, Breathable Film
icon New Plus Roll: Transparent Film Dressing Roll
icon New Plus: Breathable Transparent Self-adhesive Film Dressing
icon New Plus Alpha: Transparent Film with Absorbent Pad
icon Fixing Alpha: Non Woven Dressings with Absorbent Pad
icon Fixing Roll: Non Woven Dressing
icon Mesh Cotton: Absorbent Low-adherent Dressing
icon Mesh Pad: High Absorbent Dressing Gauze
icon Swabstick: Alcohol and Povidon Iodine
icon Alcohol Swab Pad, Sterile
icon Bio Balance Tape: Elastic Tape
icon New Plus Plaster: Silk Type Tape
icon Surgical Paper Tape


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Celekta Co., Ltd.
142-1 Geomseung-Ri, Goesan-Eup, Goesan-Gun Chungcheongbuk-do 138-050 Korea
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Justine Kim , Manager

Celekta Co., Ltd.
Celekta Co., Ltd.
Celekta Next Generation Products for Wound Management

Celekta Wound Care Biz Area

Platform Technology

[Bio Adhesive System] [film structure] [adhesive structure][adhesive coating]




For  Hospital Supply


Celekta High Tech Biz Area

Platform Technology

[Environment Friendly

 Water Soluable Film Invention and

Water Soluable Adhesive Invention]

Product category-Package

Water Soluable  Film (PATENT)

Water Soluble surface protection Tape (film plus adhesive PATENT)

Water Soluable Air Cushion Packing  Material ((PATENT)

For Invest Relation and Incubator







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BIO TECHNOLOGIES for wound management

1.Transparent Film Dressings Antimicrobials

To combat microbial infection.
'Bioactive' properties to promote healing and control infection. (sustained release iodine dressing)

2. Interactive dressings

Hydrocolloids and materials containing collagen or other extracellular matrix components (in particular hyaluronic acid). As well as maintaining a moist wound environment,  to interact with cells or matrix proteins in the wound bed to ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Celekta Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2004/04/19 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
Keyword transparent film, absorbent pad, dressing guaze, adherent dressing pad, swabstick, plaster